Thursday, December 22, 2011

One month and counting...

Hello everybody! I plan to use this blog to chronicle my adventure abroad. I hope to share some stories and pictures of the extraordinary things that happen on my travels, as well as the "normal" life that I'll be leading.

Notice on the right side of the page I have a countdown to my departure. I leave January 22 (a month from today!) at 5:56 from Des Moines, have a layover in Chicago where I will meet up with Nikki and Danni Underwood (a pair of twins from ISU also studying in Denmark), and arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark on around 1:30pm. From there we will catch the train to Odense, Denmark which will be my home for the following 6 months. I will be studying Software Engineering courses at the University of Southern Denmark and making the most of my time overseas by traveling and doing exciting new things I can't do back in Iowa. And then I'll leave Copenhagen around noon July 13th and get back to Des Moines around 10pm that night.

It should be quite the adventure and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all :-) So bookmark this page and I promise the posts will be more exciting in the future.